.​.​.​And You Will Call It Fate

by Slings & Arrows

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released September 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Slings & Arrows Baltimore, Maryland

Slings & Arrows is a mysterious cabal of marauding musical agents--certain as steam and dulcet as your dreams.

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Track Name: Another Girl Another Planet
I always flirt with death
I could kill but i don't care about it and...
I can face your threats
and stand up straight and tall and shout about it

I'm on another world with you,
with you
I'm on another planet with you,
with you

You get under my skin
I can't find it irritating
You always play to win
But i won't need rehabilitating, oh no

Space travel's in my blood
There ain't nothing i can do about it
Long journeys wear me out but
I know i can't live without it, oh no
Track Name: Billy Bones
Cursed! Like billy Bones
But what's worse, I ain't got no more
Cursed! Like billy Bones
Come and give us a kiss and call us our own

The cat's crawled into the teapot a tree grows up the stairs
I'm riddling like a sphinx and friends you have no cares

Like a child you know what you want but not why
You dip your grubby fingers in the clear blue sky
Track Name: Child of Illusion
I can live with confusion, bedfellows suit me fine
I'm just a child of Illusion, a sucker on the vine…
But just this time I'd like to know
If what I see is a bird or just hollow bones

A winsome smile may take you places that you want to go
And your mouth of pearls made me believe things I know ain't so
A song is sweet for a lark, but eyes deceive and in the dark
Will you know if your song is sweet
Or it rings hollow?

I will take all of your sand that you hurl
I will take all of your sand and turn it into pearl
Track Name: Strange Cargo
Lay me down, strange cargo seeks out solid ground
Oh, Lay me down

Take my breathe
This threadbare body is heaven rent
Whoa! Take my breath

I dreamt I saw you when you were young
And your mind was clear as glass
With eyes of fire
And your heart was unwritten
And your thoughts they stretched for miles
And you were mine

Lay me down
I was born to hang I'll never drown
Whoa! Lay me down
Track Name: Wander Through Oblivion
I walk through cities of wonder that echo with cries of joy
And saw dreams yet to be discovered
And the shapes that the night wore
And I saw parading strangers thrown by a bright silver wind
And I Wander through Oblivion

Imagination grew like a garden, so I sat and I ate to my fill
When a Lotus sprung from my belly I dreamed the world
And I pulled destruction upon his very chin
And I wander through Oblivion

Underneath a riddle of rooftops in the land where the sun will rise
I climbed a tree that kept growing; growing only toward the sky
My hands became raptors, my hands became birds of prey
And I flew through Oblivion
I flew away
Track Name: Dream Sweet Dreams (Bonus track)
Close tired eyes
Time to say goodnight
The sun is going away
We had fun today
Dream Sweet Dreams